The first seeds of spring

Swiss Chard


snap peas


Finally got the garden area fenced in.  Still a little but more to do, but its done for now.  Have pea, bean, lettuce, leek,  and chard seeds in the ground.  Still need to finish building trellising for peas & beans.  Nothing emerging yet, hopefully in the next few days.  

The trees are really coming in to their leaves.  Weather report says its going to be 70+ and sunny all week.  Haven't had much good rain in a week or so.


Started to edge the garden area yesterday.  For the main path I used found lumber, and for the smaller paths I am trying to use cut sticks.

I also transplanted some herbs that I had in a planter over winter.  Eventually I want the whole middle section to be lined with perennial herbs with flowers for cutting inside the bed.


Ordered first seeds from Johnny's Select today.  Varieties of tomato, bean, pea, lettuce & carrot.  Will update more specifically once seeds arrive.  My intention for this garden season is to only buy seeds/plants as I need them instead of all at once, thats why I only purchased earlier planting vegetables at this time.

Continuing to get consistently warmer.  65 degrees today, supposed to be 70+ tomorrow.  Early flowering trees/shrubs are well in bloom.