2012 Lookback

This looks to be my first and last garden post of 2012. Better late than never...?

2012 was an up year in some areas of the garden, and a down year in others.  I had fair success with the tomatoes and limited myself to just 3 varieties and 6 total plants this year. Sungold was an A+ (as always), Mountain Magic was an A- (good production, decent taste, and no blight!), Juan Flamme was a C- and not worth keeping around for next year.

I kept the two triangular beds as dedicated potato patches this year, and may continue with that in the coming seasons.  I stuck with the prolific and useful variety Yukon Gold, and I'm not sure I could be convinced to deviate next time around.

I saw some good success with Strawberries planted from seedlings in the summer of 2011. They came back strong and, minus the berries lost to birds and bugs, produced pretty darn well. My other perennial fruits were a little lackluster however as the black rasberries, and rhubarb provided little in the way of an actual harvest.  Also, of note, I planted a blueberry bush this year- time will tell.

I've about had it with my Aspargus planting as it is either simply too small or too shaded to be of any use.  I either need to just rip it out or try to dig up the crowns and replant in a more suitable spot.

Most everything else was buisness as usual.  Lettuce, basil, beans, peas, zucchinni etc. all performed as expected.  I did go back to the Pennsylvania Crookneck Squash for my winter squash this year and, despite nearly taking over the garden again, I was able to harvest quite a few jumbo specimens that found there way into soups, pies and other fall dishes.