Fall Roundup

Just some thoughts on the vegetable varities that I tried this year...

-The Sungold cherry tomatoes are an A++.  Plentiful and great tasting.
-The striped German were large and meaty.  Maybe a little juicy as a slicing tomatoe, but good.
-The Brandywine variety that I bought as a seedling never really took off.  The fruit was much smaller then they were supposed to be, and a little dissapointing overall.

-Just tried the Costata Romanesco this year, which was really good.  Maybe split these with a smaller variety next year also.

Lab Lab Beans looked great on the trellis.  Never ate any though.

None of the three melon varities that I tried this year ever really got off the ground.  Two softball size Sugar Baby watermelons are still sitting in the garden, and the other types withered and died in the alternating rain and drought.

All the salad greens were good- any type of lettuce seems to work fine and the Chard was hardy.

Some things  I'd like to integrate next year:
-Sweet Corn
-Fruit Trees

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