Quiet October

There is not much going on in the garden at the moment.  I've cleaned out a good portion of the beds, with the few remaining squash and melons ready to be removed at any time.  I just thought I'd take a picture of the trellis to show how well the Morning Glories did this year.  

Considering they need bascially zero attention, they really did a great job of climbing, and providing a nice canopy of shade under the trellis.  I'd like to eventually have Wisteria instead, but for now the Morning Glory is a nice stand in.

I also did a quick project the other day I wanted to document.  I made a teepee out of the old hardwood stakes that were left over when I pulled out the tomatoes.  I put it in place of that old ladder, which never looked very good anyway.

Most of the big sunflowers have whithered, but a few of the smaller ones are still going strong.

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Jen said...

I didn't even notice that you made that teepee...I like it.