The Last Squash Standing

It's official. The last holdover from the 2010 growing seen is gone. Eaten-bowls-licked-clean- and-washed-and-leftovers-tucked-in-the-freezer-gone. I'd made a batch of squash soup a while back, and being pretty pleased with the result, decided that this one would meet a similar end. Despite this being probably the smallest squash that I harvested it still made enough for a meal for us plus a huge portion to pass along to friends.

The process is simple. It begins by roasting the squash on a pan in a 350 degree oven.

After about an hour the flesh is slumped in and soft, and the skin peels right off with your fingers.

Carrots, celery and onions are chopped and placed in a pot with broth to simmer while prepping the squash.

After cooled slightly the flesh of the squash is scooped out and cut into smaller chunks.

Squash pieces are added to vegetables and broth and allowed to further simmer and soften. Things start to smell very good at this point.

When all ingredients are suitably soft and juicy an immersion blender is used to bring everything to a pleasantly smooth consistently. Finally cream and spices are added and mixed in. And then you have soup. Yum.

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