signs of spring

The Forsythias are in bloom and the bulbs have emerged- even though the weather is struggling to top 50 degrees there are signs of spring all over the yard and garden.

The first of my perennial vegetables emerged this week. I found 4 or 5 bright red heads of rhubarb poking up through the leaves in the garden. I could not be more pleased with the rhubarb as it seems to thrive in one of the garden's shadiest corners.

Last weekend I completed one of my first projects of the season. These bean and pea poles are part of my plan to maximize my vertical growing space this year. I'd hoped to have the peas in the ground by now, but the cold, wet weather has postponed any early planting.

This picture shows the rest of the pea/ bean poles. I need to get another load of bamboo as I still want to put in trellesing for tomatoes and winter squash. The foreground of this picture is the spot where I am hoping to put the duck house- another work in progress...

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Gwyneth said...

Looks like it will be a great garden this year! Looking forward to seeing it in it's glory this summer.