Finally got out into the garden early enough in the day to take some pictures in decent light. Lots going on.

Milk jugs in the foreground hold the tomato seedlings with huge bamboo stakes next to each.

The peas are a' growin.

Winter squash, both started from seed in milk jugs and now transplanted into the ground. Eventually there will be a wire mesh over the bamboo in this picture that the squash vines can climb up.

Swiss Chard in the sunlight. This amazing plant was overwintered and is now thriving once again.

Potatoes around the edge of this bed with beans in the middle. This year I am going to mulch all the beds heavily with grass clippings from the lawn. Keeps the weeds down and retains water, plus I like the way it looks.

Closeup of the grass mulch around the potato plants.

Stunning rhubarb stalks. I picked my first batch of rhubarb the other day to make a strawberry rhubarb crumble for Mother's Day.

Tomato seedling in a milk jug. This process seems to be working well; next year I may try to just the start the seeds right into the jugs.

Melon seedling in a jug. All three types are still small but look good. I'm in the process of prepping the melon bed to plant out hopefully in about two weeks.

A sea of young lettuce.

I am very pleased that the black-eyed susans that I seeded last year at the front fence of the garden have come back even stronger. Excited to see them in bloom.

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