Lots has changed in the garden since my last post.

Plenty of sugar snap peas to pick on a daily basis. Most get crunched right out in the garden.

I love the way this growing Kale looks. It's almost blue.

Summer squash plant looking great. This one is Yellow Crookneck I think.

Tomato lineup.

Bug's eye view of a tomato plant. They seem to be getting signifcantly bigger on a daily basis.

Winter squash growing over it's trellis.

This little blob will someday be a Burgess Buttercup Squash.

And this one will be a Potimarron Squash.

Everything is looking as it should in the potato and bean beds. I expect that we'll see some bean pods emerging in the next week or two.

I sneaked a peak at the base of my Purple Viking potato plant. And, sure enough, there are purple potatos growing.

The Black Eyed Susans lining the front of the garden look like they are about to bloom any day.

Some other back yard projects have gotten time recently. So far the deck is re-stained, plants are potted on the patio, and the fence is in the process of being extended down into the yard.

And I am happy with the way this bed on the side of the yard has turned out. I lined it last fall with broken pieces of our old sidewalk, and have mulched all the plants heavily this spring. Looking good.

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