Getting Started

On this past friday (the 20th) the first seeds of the spring went in the ground.  I have 2 varieties of sugar snap pea that I put in, with the plan being to start a second planting in a week or so to have  some succesion harvesting.  It was a few days after St. Patrick's day, the traditional planting day for the first peas of the year.  Although I noticed that it was almost a whole month earlier then I planted them last year.

Some pictures showing the wood chipper mulch layed down in the paths between beds.

Preparing the bed for a row of peas.

Peas planted with trellis strings in place.

Crocuses popped up 1-2 weeks go.  Just about the same time as last year.

I'm going to try some basic seed-starting this year.  I picked up a kit from Sears and I'm going to try just with the various tomato varieties that I have to get some seedlings going.  I've not had much success with this in the past, but I figure it'd be worth it to get even a few earlier harvests this way.

Here is the kit with the 5 tomato types:

The varieties that I bought this year are:
1- "new girl" an early all-around hybrid
2- "sungold" the best cherry tomato ever
3- "juliet" a smaller paste type tomato
4- "valencia" an large golden herloom variety
5- "san marzano" a classic italian paste tomato

The seeds in place.

The cover is on and, until the seeds sprout, it will sit in this corner of our kitchen counter.  At that point it will be moved to a sunny windowsill.

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