Some updates on my seed starting endeavor:

Most of the seeds have sprouted and, per the instructions, I've removed the clear plastic lid and placed the tray near a sunny window sill.  After they've grown a bit more the best seedlings will be replanted in plastic cups and placed back on the windowsill.  This will give the roots more room to grow then in the small peat plugs.  Eventually the very best seedlings will make their way out to the garden for planting.

The latest garden shots.  Both rows of peas are planted out, with twine in place as a trellis.  On either side are two small bamboo teepees that  I'm going to use for the small french beans that don't cimb very high.  I'm still not sure where to grow the regular green beans.  I've thought about letting them ramble up the wire fence in front or on the side facing the neighbors.  

This bed was just enriched with topsoil and mushroom compost from the nursery mentioned in a previous post.  This is the spot where the first planting of tomatos will go (the ones now growing inside).


Peter said...

Rob, the garden is looking awesome... I'm enjoying following your progress...

the Jones' said...

Thanks Pete!

It's a fun, but always ongoing project.

So, any new 'house news' for you guys? Might there be a garden popping up in your future?