Potting On

The tomato seedlings have gotten big enough that today I transplanted them from their little tray into nice spacious plastic cups.  Here are all the supplies layed out on the kitchen table.

All I did was fill the cups partially with potting soil, drop the peat plugs into place ( after cutting off their thin net covering) and fill in the space around and above it with more potting soil.  

Originally I had 5 seedlings of each tomato type.  I don't need or want that many actual plants so only the best 2 seedlings were transplanted

The top 10, all transplanted and ready to grow.

The sad runners-up, destined for the compost pile.

And here they are all lined up in their new sunny window sill.  They'll stay here for at least a week or two.  After that they'll be slowly hardened off by being placed outside (and being brought in if there is a danger of frost.) Eventually, once everything has warmed off enough they'll be planted outside permanently.

You can't see it here, but way in the back of the yard, in the garden, the first peas are starting to poke up through the soil.  More pictures to come soon.

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