Some companion planting partnerships that I have found recently that I want to remember:

-Tomato- basil, marigolds, lettuce, onion, parsley

-Potato- bush bean, carrot, corn, marigold, peas

-Corn- beans, peas, pumpkin, squash

-Squash- corn, onion

-Beans- chard, corn, lettuce, pea, potato, sunflower, strawberry, rosemary

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Steph said...

Rob -

We have a few gardening questions:

1) If we have only a small plot of dirt - about 2 feet by 2 feet - what could we grow? I'd imagine maybe tomatoes.

2) Do you suggest getting a plant already grown and planting it, or starting from seeds - is it too late to start seeds in cups like you have? HOw does one go about this?

3) What are good plants to try growing in pots. We did a tomato plant last year that worked. We'd love to branch out (no pun intended) - but we only have so much land - so we'd be willing to try pots too.