April Ending

We're back to normal spring weather (60's and drizzly) after a weekend of unbelievable heat and sun.  The temperature was mid- 80's easily and may have even reached 90 a time or two.  

In planting news:

-I planted 'Tavera' beans.  A french filet bush bean.  I planted them in the same bed with the potatoes and carrots.

-The tomato seedlings are really getting big.  I left them outside the last few days, and mabe by this weekend could be ready to go into the garden.  I certainly don't want to rush it and have them taken out by a late frost, but I think that they're just about ready.

-With the unusually warm temperatures I was tempted to plant some the more warm weather seeds (corn, squash, flowers) but I'm glad I waited.

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