the greens go in

I had a productive hour in the garden this morning.  The weather was perfect for planting- overcast, a little cool, with rain coming in just as I finished up.  

And here they are.  The first peas of the spring.

I had two problems with my peas last year.  1) I planted them way too late. 2)  The rabbits came in and gnawed the tops off of almost all the plants, effectively ending my pea harvest for the year.

In order to fix these problems for this year I first made sure to get them planted nice and early.  Easy enough.  The other thing that I am doing is putting a very short section of wire fencing around the peas when they are in their earliest stages.  Once they are tall enough the rabbits won't be an issue so I can take the protection down.  For now though, they'll grow nice and safe in their little cage.

A new green that I am trying this year: Pak Choi.  Supposed to be great in a stir fry.  I also planted three lettuce types and Swiss Chard today.

I noticed quite a bit of this self-seeded lettuce popping up.  I'm not going to argue with that.

And also one lone Swiss Chard plant that looks like it is growing out of one of the stems of last years plants that had been left in the ground.  Interesting.

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