porch project

Improving and expanding our back patio has been on the to-do list ever since moving in to our house almost two years ago.  Well the time has finally come.  After a long time spent debating the merits of various projects we finally settled on a building a smallish wooden deck off the end of our existing concrete patio. This seemed to the best mix of maximum affordability and minimum complexity.  Plus it'll just give a lot more usable space.

Even though it's a pretty simple project I knew that I'd have to break it into a couple of weekends to make it more manageable.  So this weekend was Phase 1.  Here is the 'before' picture:

The things that I did today included:

-breaking up the flagstone and concrete step at the end of the sidewalk 
-digging post holes and placing support posts
-building base frame
-settings posts and frame in concrete

Here is the day 1 completed picture:

The things that still need to be done are:

-attach decking
-build built-in bench
-build step from deck to ground level

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Dad W. said...

Mom and I just checked out your deck project. Looks like you made alot of progress in just one day. We'll be anxious to see the finished deck. Your'e doing a great job.