July Updates

Over the weekend it was finally time for the peas to get ripped out.  Along with the peas was the strings that held them up, and all of the weeds that were tangled into them.  It was nice to have such a clean blank slate when I was done.  On this side I planted a type of Butternut Squash.

On the other side the lettuce looks kind of lonely all by itself.  I planted a few more pumpkins here though, so they'll fill in the space.

Lots and lots of ripening tomatoes.  With really no exception each and every plant is doing very well.  Still not much difference between the mulched and the unmulched.  I think when we get back from Maine in 2 weeks the cherry tomatoes will be ripe, with the others not far behind.

Sunflowers are getting taller.

The first blossoms have appeared on the Zucchini plants.  With the rate that these things grow, the full sized zucchinis can't be far off.

The watermelons are all growing slowly but surely.  I hope that they get enough rain while were away.  I really want them to do well this year.

The morning glories have climbed all the way up the trellis and are strarting to cover the top.  A few of the plants have blooms, but they were closed here because it was evening.

The zinnias are getting ready to explode with color any day now.

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