Sunnier Days

Last few days have finally brought some steady sunshine.  We left during the weekend for 2 days and everything kept growing pretty good while we were gone, the weeds especially.

One noticably new item in the garden is an old ladder that I am going to use as a trellis.  I painted it white (although don't look too closely because I ran out of paint towards the bottom.)  I planted Lab- Lab seeds at the base which will become a climbing vine with purple flowers.

The first tomatoes are appearing.  Interestingly enough the 2 plants that are the farthest along are both the "New Girl" hybrid.  The heirloom varities all look good, but are just developing a little more slowly.

The lone watermelon plant.  Hopefully the others will emerge soon.

The zucchini plants are all looking good and growing quickly.

The rows of carrots and potatoes continue to get taller and bushier.

I planted a basil plant today.  I've been hoping to get a whole bunch of basil plants to plant amidst the tomatoes, but haven't gotten around to it yet.

One of my favorite garden tools is also one of the simplest.  It's called a "Dibbler".

It's pretty basic.  You use it to poke holes in the ground to put seeds into.  A finger would work just as well, but the dibbler seems more efficient and keeps the hands clean.

Just pop the seeds in, cover them with a little soil and you're done.

The lilies are really blooming now.  They add some really nice color to the yard.

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