The past 3 days have been a steady, constant drizzle with temperatures is the 60's-70's.  Even though I am looking forward to sun coming back out, the garden has been thriving in the cooler, wetter weather.  

The peas are about as tall as me now, with abundant pods.  We picked the first couple yesterday and threw them in with our salad. Very tasty.

The beans are climbing their teepees vigorously. Hopefully the sunflowers  underplanted for them will catch up soon because they are running out of room to grow.

The tomatos all look great and are starting to show buds.  I don't know where I heard that you should pinch off the first buds to encourage the plants to continue to grow, but that is what I've been doing.  

Really everything except the sunflowers that the birds ate has been thriving recently.  I'll have to take more pictures once things are less waterlogged.


The Kilpatricks said...

Roberto, sat through a presentation on community gardens this morning. i thought of you. students used 2 master gardeners to parter with local community members in creating 19 plots of vegie goodness. i think you and Jen should think about moving to CA so you can make more community gardens! love the pic w/ Aiden, Bailey, and the watering can.

The Jones' said...

That's awesome that you were learning about community gardens, which are pretty much the coolest thing ever.

Maybe you guys should move here and then we could have a big community garden in our back yards.