Some Early Blooms

Here is an overall shot of the garden as it stands now.  You can see the peas climbing up the strings on the side of the trellis.  The tomato stakes and plants are in the foreground.  And in the back are the bean teepees.

There are lots of peas ripe right now.

The beans have pretty much over-run their teepees, and some little blossoms are just starting to appear.  I don't know if the sunfowers are going to grow quickly enough for the beans to climb on.  If I try this next year I'll have to plant the sunflowers earlier.

These are the first flowers on the potato plants.  I think that usually you are supposed to wait until the plants die back in the fall to harvest the potatoes, but I think you can get a smaller, earlier crop by taking some when the flowers are blooming.  I'l have to try this soon.

The tomato plants are quickly getting taller, and I'm having to tie them up pretty regularly.

There are lots of flowers on the tomato plants.  I've stopped pinching them off now, and am just letting the plants go.

This is the lavander in the herb garden.  Very pretty.

The roses along the side of the yard still look nice.  I've decided that I need to prune them back much more severely next fall, as otherwise they can become kind of a tangled mess.

These are the Dhalia plants which had been suffering from some night nibbling by an unknown animal.  I put these 2 liter soda bottles over them for protection, which seems to be working.  An unexpected side effect is that the bottles seem to create a mini greenhouse over the plant, and they have really been growing quickly and look very healthy.

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