quick notes

- It's been rainy for the last week plus.  Everything is growing really well, and I can't remember the last time I had to get the watering can out, but I'm ready for some sunnier days.

- Only 1 of the sugar baby watermelon seeds had sprouted as of yesterday, and none of the other melons.  I looked closely and realized that all the rain had literaly washed all of the seeds away.  Yesterday I replanted everything.

-Dhalias, Zinnias and Morning Glories are all looking really good, and I'm looking forward to some blooms.  Also, the replanted sunflowers are hanging in there, and the Daylilies are in full bloom.

- I pulled up one of the flowering potato plants yesterday, but I realized it was still too early as not much had developed.  Have to be more patient.

- The zucchini and pumpkin plants are growing fast.  I almost forgot how vigorous those can be.  Hoping soon to be able to get the seed in for the winter squash.

-Still taking lots of lettuce almost daily.  The peas are maybe just past their peak and won't be around too much longer.  Once they're cleared out I'm going to use that area for the squash.

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