Took a few pictures this afternoon of the latest developments in the garden.  This first picture shows my trusty watering can with my trusty garden helpers in the background.

I planted Lavender seeds in the herb/ flower garden along the borders.  The small sprouts in the middle are zinnias that look like they're coming in great.

Unfortunately the birds ate all of the sunflower seeds and sprouts that I planted.  I replanted them today and put some wire fencing over top that hopefully protect the future plants.

This is a Zucchini plant starting to come up.

I planted 'Rock Star' pumpkins in the back near the blackberry plants.  Hopefully they'll be good Jack-o-Lantern size by Halloween.

This picture shows the melon area.  There are two spots like this- one has 'Sugar Baby' watermelons.  The other side has 2 Cantaloupe plants and 2 french Chanterais melons.

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