better pictures

Here are some less washed out pictures.

This shows how high the peas are climbing.  The 'sugar snap' peas have gotten noticeably taller recentley then the 'oregon snow pod' peas.

This is a spot that I am prepping for watermelons.  It's ugly, but the weed supressing fabric warms the soil up and also should keep the weeds at bay when the melons go in.  I've never had any luck with melons, and I'm hoping that'll change this year.

These are better pictures of the 2 bean areas.  The unmulched one first, and the mulched second.

I built this low stone wall around the herb/ flower garden. The stone was taken up from the area where the gravel BBQ pit now is.  I wish there weren't such a tangle of weeds in the back.

The roses are just starting to bloom.  Aiden fell into one yesterday and scratched his arm.

I planted Dhalia bulbs and Zinnia seeds in this bed in the middle of the yard.  I am not sure if there is enough sun for these things to really do well.  But I'm hoping.

The deck, freshly stained and freshly rained on.  It's dark, but I really like how it turned out.

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Mom W. said...

Dad & I stopped by today on our way home from S.E. He had seen the deck, etc., when he took Jen and Aiden home on Memorial Day and wanted to show me how nice everything looked. You have done so much this Spring and everything looks really nice. I told Jen you should post some "before" pictures of when you first moved in. What a difference!! Hope you don't mind we were there when you guys weren't. The garden looks great, too.