Back from a 4 day trip and the garden continues to grow in leaps and bounds.

The potatoes are about waist high, and I planted red bell peppers and giant ancho peppers behind the potato row.

Tomatoes seemed to grow a foot over the weekend. I noticed some small red bugs around the base of some of the plants. I'm not sure what they are but I'll need to keep an eye if they start to do any damage.

Winter squash coming in well.

The peas continue to climb, and I noticed the first blooms on them today.

A pepper seedling viewed through potato leaves.

Looking head on at an asparagus fern.

Honeysuckle with neighbors roses in the background.

Some patio pots that will soon hopefully be filled with basil, marigold, coneflower and strawberries.

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Mom W. said...

We dropped in on Jen & Aiden for a short visit yesterday. Aiden & I took a walk to your garden and I picked some lettuce which Dad & I had for dinner last night. Such a nice variety and so good. Your garden looks great.