Tomatoes are in- and other news.

There is lots going on in garden at the moment. With weather consistently summer-like, and the last frost date well in the rearview mirror, planting has started in earnest.

I put the Rhubarb in the ground a few weeks back, and it is now starting to make it's first appearance. I am really excited about the Rhubarb partly because I am looking forward to the pies this Rhubarb will grace in the future. Also, it makes me remember nostalgically the rhubarb patch at our house growing up. It's a double whammy.

The row of potatos is also looking rather healthy as they feast on the spent coffee grounds that I've been carefully feeding them since planting time.

The biggest project of the weekend was getting the tomatos in the ground. It's the first weekend of May (the same time I planted them last year) and the weather seemed primed to finally get these plants into the garden.

I've had black weed barrier over the tomato beds for two weeks, getting things nice and warm. I am trying to give each plant plenty of space this year as I certainly want to avoid the blight infestation that cropped up last summer.

So it's offical, the tomatoes are in the ground. Here's to a long and tomato-filled summer.

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