New Look

Yep.  The blog title changed.  Get over it, I already did.

The garden is just about dripping with tomatoes at this point, and there is no way that I can pick them fast enough.  The sauce tomatoes (San Marzano and Juliet) are especially prolific.  It makes me think that I need to make a bigger batch of sauce since the first go-round was relatively successful.

I haven't shown the carrots much since planting them back on earth day, but they look good.  You can see some healthy looking carrot-shoulders poking out in this picture.

A snaky looking Zucchini plant tucked into a shady corner.

The sunflowers are big, bigger, and biggest.  This one is called 'Teddy Bear'- short, but with some serious attitude.

The Zinnias continue to be big and bright focal points of the herb garden.

Is there a flower more photogenic then a Dhalia?  These pictures would seem to say no... and I would tend to agree.

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