Still Growing

With all of the rain we've had recentley and without any new planting to do, the garden has mostly been on auto-pilot for the last week or two.  And for the most part things are looking really good.

I took some overhead pictures from the ladder that is supposed to be a trellis for my lab-lab vines, but right now just looks like a big white ladder in the middle of the garden.

Looking straight down you can see the butternut squash plants on the right of the main path, and the lettuce, and the new pepper plants on the left.

To the far left are the sunflowers, against the front fence are the tomatoes, and in the middle are the watermelons.

On the right are more tomatoes and melons, and also carrots against the far right fence.  You can also see the zucchini and beans in the foreground.

Here are the sunflowers again, which are really getting tall- and the watermelons which so far look great.

Hiding under the vines is the first little melon.

The is a Dhalia plant that looks like its getting ready to bloom at any second.

I finally have a Valencia tomato to try out.  Of all the varities planted I have been most excited to taste test these.   Mostly because the 2 'paste' varities are mainly for sauce, the 'Early Girl' are meant to be a steady supplier, and 'Sungold' I've grown before.

Here it is, fresh from the vine...

Cut open and looking good.  Good for slicing, and juicy but not too juicy.

Served up on a slice of toast with some olive oil, salt and pepper and a slice of cheese (which is the perfect way to enjoy a tomato.)  It was sweet with just a little bit of acidity, and nice and firm and easy to eat with a fork.  Delicious.

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