2010 Season Underway

This past weekend brought on the start of a new growing season. Even though the weather was unusualy warm for this early in the spring (70+ and sunny), I went by the traditional Saint Patricks day planting date to get my first seeds in the ground. This year in addition to peas I used my first planting date to also get Lettuce, Chard and Potatoes in the ground. All of these seeds are able to be planted "as soon as the ground can be worked" and should have no problem with the cooler, wetter weather during the next few weeks.

The peas I planted into two of the new raised beds in the background of this picture.

Instead of making a more formal trellis structure for the peas to grow on, this year I just stuck some sticks into the ground in a loose tipi shape.

I took a few pictures of my potato planting technique this year. Not because I know what I am doing, but this way if things don't go wellI can look back and see where it all went terribly wrong.

I try to avoid the temptation to clean the beds off and tidy things up too much and instead allow the leaves to be worked into the soil over time. This is the potato bed prepped and ready to go.

Trench dug about 6 inches deep.

Seed potatoes placed in the trench with most of the "eyes" facing up.

The trench filled over with the potatoes safely tucked in for the season. Happy growing!


Gwyneth said...

Rob, I hadn't realized you had changed your blog address so was excited to see all the winter/spring posts! The garden plans look great. For some reason the quality of the main picture (where it says The Plot Thickens) reminds me of pictures I have seen of great-Grandpa's garden, although I know it looks different. Glad you inherited his gardening skills.

The Jones' said...

Great-Grandpa's is pretty much the ultimate garden. If I can get to the point where my garden is half as good as his, I'll be in good shape!