Plans, part 2

I wanted to make a list of garden plans and projects for the coming season that did not fall under the last post that I did about which varieties I'll be planting (many of which have already changed by the way.)

Raised Beds- I have plans to increase the size of and improve the quality of the garden's raised beds. This is one project that is already started as I took a trip to Lowes yesterday and got some lumber to start the framing. In addition to bed frames I also want to try to build up the beds themselves by adding as much organic matter as possible- possibly from the newly discovered municipal compost facility.

Compost Heap- This one is basic, and to be honest should have been one of the first things I set out to do when I started the garden a few years back. Right now my "compost heap" is just a pile of wet leaves and other yard detritus shoved in the back corner of the garden. While technically this stuff will break down into compost eventually it could take years to become true valuble garden compost. I want to build a proper framed compost bin, and also pay more attention to makeup of the pile itself, and turning it etc. to aid in faster break down.

Large Trellis- One of the ever present eyes-sores of the garden is the fact that it backs up to a neighboring parking lot and dumpster (yes, a dumpster.) My hope for this year is to put 5-6 foot tall trellis/fence along that side of the garden effectively improving the view, while also providing some vertical growing space.

Perrenial Vegetables- I like the idea of planting something that will be there to harvest not just later the same year, but for many years to come. This year I am investing some extra time and money to plant asparagus and rhubarb. Both being long term providers that should be viable for a long, long time.

Chickens- Yes, chickens. Although this one is still only a possibility, I may be able to acquire a few grown hens from a relative who is looking to thin their small flock. Backyard chickens/ ducks has always been a daydream of mine- and it looks like I may have the chance to give it a go. Fresh eggs!

There are a few other minor tweaks to my overall gardening techniques that I want to try this year, but the items already mentioned are the bigger projects that I am hoping to complete.

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