Melting, Mold and Signs of Life

With the many layers of snow at last melted I am finally getting to see the yard and garden for the first time in weeks. Garden plans are seeming more realistic now that I can actually see the beds, and I spent my first afternoon working outside today.

I also ordered my first seeds of the season this week, and I hope to work on expanding some of raised beds during the coming weeks.

I never took any pictures of it before, but in the fall I set up a "leaf mold" area. Leaf mold is just fallen (in this case shredded) leaves that are allowed to break down into a compost-like consistency. It doesn't have the same nutrient rich qualities of true compost, but it'll be good for mulching and adding some substance to the soil.

I just thought I'd note that a few early spring bulbs are actually emerging. Finally.

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