twilight in the garden

A potato in the ground.

A potato in my hand.


Chopped. With Rosemary from the garden. Later to join olive oil in tin foil on the grill.

Enjoyed the first tomato of the year. It was a Sungold, and it tasted like summer.


This will be a yellow Zucchini someday.

It's been so hot. Wet newspaper and mulch are the only things keeping these plants from certain death.

A Charentais Melon.

A Blacktail Mountain Watermelon.

A Dhalia. The first Dhalia of the summer.

My book The Kitchen Gardens of France says that Dhalias are a traditional flower planted in vegetable gardens. I needed no further convincing.


Purple Coneflower with bee.

Purple Coneflower in the sun.

Purple Coneflower with pink Hydrangea.

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Christy said...

I love your dahlia pictures, Rob! They are so pretty!