These pictures are a few weeks old by now, but I can't let the arrival of the first Zucchini go undocumented.

These were the first two picked, both Costata Romanseco. They ended up on the grill with some oive oil and parmesean cheese.

There seem to be quite a few more on their way, with a couple of the yellow crookneck variety looking to ripen later this week. To prevent the stem rot/bug problems that I had last year I wrapped the base of the stalk in a layer of tinfoil. It seems to be working so far as I've already doubled last years harvest with no end in sight.

It's been a tough stretch of weather with 95+ degree days and little to no rain in recent memory. The garden has required almost daily soakings to keep everything from simply shriveling back into the dirt. No rain in the forecast for the next few days either. Tomrrow's high: 100 degrees...

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